The eagle and the pigeons

There was once a field full of birds, doing what birds do…pecking for seeds and flapping around.

One of the birds called Frank spotted some eagles swooping and soar overhead, performing a wonderful display for all to see. He looked around to see who else had noticed what was going on, but his fellow bird friends were truly unaware of the graceful display in the sky.

Sighing to himself Frank carried on eating, but couldn’t get the vision out of his mind.

Later that night Frank was chatting to one of his friends John discussing life, the universe and everything…feeling a little depressed but unsure why, Frank was talking about the eagles saying how graceful they looked. Another bird called Adam joined the group and started laughing at him.

Turning to the John saying in a stage whisper; “do you think he’s finally worked it out?”. “Worked what out?” asked Frank. “That you don’t belong here with us”, said Adam, “I mean look at you…it’s freakin’ obvious for all to see that you’re an eagle. Not a pigeon! We all agreed not to say anything but frankly as times gone on it’s got ridiculous. You’re getting bigger and bigger and are eating more of our food, you don’t even look like us. I think it’s time for you to leave.”

Frank was in shock and turned to John whose eyes confirmed what Adam had just said. “We love you like a brother Frank, but you are an eagle.”

Adam and John went back to the group, and Frank decided to take a walk to the far side of the field.

He felt awful. He’d always considered Adam and John to be his buddies, his family. Leaving them would be like cutting off a leg. And still he couldn’t quite believe it, he was an eagle! His long wings that dragged on the ground when he ate, were meant for flying!

He fell asleep in a tree and woke up the next day to glorious sunshine on his face.

Flapping and stretching, he closed his eyes and imagined he was soaring high in the sky with the eagles looking down at fields and forests below.

He opened his eyes and nearly died of shock, he was high in the sky looking down at the field that only yesterday he’d been living on. He could see John and Adam and all the others.

He looked around and noticed he was flying with the eagles from yesterday.

“Welcome to the open skies, I’m Eddy”, said one of the group.

“We’ve been waiting for you to join us, every day we’ve flown over your head… but we knew you’d see us when you were ready.”

“I can fly!”, said Frank.

“Yes, you can, and that’s just the beginning, just follow us”, said Eddy.

“But what about my friends?” said Frank.

“You know where they are”, said Eddy.

“It’s time for you to spread your wings and fly!”