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Confident visibility leads to thriving business 

As a solopreneur, you want to make a difference in the world. By doing what you love and doing these things right, you set your goals and you get to work. You know you need to promote yourself and your business, but you don’t want to sound cheap or salesy.

‘Where do I begin?’

You need to work on your visibility and your brand and you see other entrepreneurs doing this really well, while you feel overwhelmed and lost. Perhaps you like the idea of creating presentations, blogs, videos or other content, but you just don’t know where to start. Perhaps you want to go to networking events, but you feel uncomfortable to pitch. Before you know it, perfectionism and fear hold you back from even starting.

Sales going through the roof – without selling out!

I hear you, and I’ve been there too. Stop beating yourself up! You could be the rock star that you really are; sharing kick-ass content with your own raving fans, having your own support network, but most of all: attracting the gigs that you love – and I’m talking the ones that put serious money in the bank!

 It’s time to turn the modesty around!  

My name is Nicoline Huizinga. As a brand & content coach, I empower solopreneurs to build a thriving business by finding and crafting their unique voice, build up the content and the courage to broadcast their authentic message and power through when things get tough. I help you to attract your ideal clients without sounding cheap, arrogant or tacky.

Could you do with a confidence boost?

Do you feel small or insignificant compared to others? Or do you hate pitching? Get your hands on this super quick and simple worksheet that will give you the answers you need to present yourself authentically as you. Online, on video, or live at networking events; you will be able to rock any presentation like a boss! Click here to get this golden nugget! >>>

Empowering you to thrive, that's why I'm here



"Nicoline is my structure queen. She provided focus and a clear message from my why. Today, I am not only the solo trumpet for the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, but a motivatonal speaker for corporates as well. Nicoline turned me into a brand!"

- Andre Heuvelman
Andre Heuvelman Music




"Nicoline builds strong content for you in a way that looks and feels good. We work together quite often and it really made the difference in national and international sales situations. I promise you: she is an expert!"

- Rob van Westing
Business Impact Training



"Nicoline certainly knows her stuff. She is a talented and passionate professional, with an amazing ability to teach you how to package and create authentic content marketing. I highly recommend her as an amazing professional to work with and a fun person to learn from."

- Abigail Barnes
Master Your Time




"Nicoline knows exactly how to highlight the core of your message and turns that into very professional business communication. Her accuracy, razor sharp vision, and skills with modern technology make her a very pleasant person to work with."

-Arja van der Valk
Agri Sales Academy




"I found Nicoline to be skilful and gifted in helping me to release the resistance of fear and lack of confidence that had been holding me back in my professional life for years. Now, my business is growing at a rapid rate. I couldn't be happier about the personal and professional growth and success I've experienced in only a few short months since working with Nicoline. Every time I finished a call with Nicoline, I felt inspired to take the next steps in my business. "

- Rachel Redmond
Ayurvedic Practitioner




"Nicoline scares the shit out of me. After only two or three questions she knows exactly who you are, what’s holding you back and what it is you need to thrive. She wants you to become the best version of yourself.  Nicoline is the one you need, she shows you how to really touch people’s hearts with your story. Not by adding tricks or emotional blabla, but by removing clutter and empowering you with self-confidence."

- Eva Smitt-Steltman
Writing Coach


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