Flick the Fuck It Switch*

*to be published Spring 2019

Get ready for a book that offers you a simple, down to earth way¬†to step into the best version of you in 2019 … and beyond!

Dragging yourself out of bed to go to work every day? Thinking ‘Is this all there is?’ quite often? Feeling ‘okay’ but not excited about your job, your partner, your life? My (soon to be launched) book gives you a simple insight in what you could tweak to be your best self.

During my work with my coaching clients, I discovered that what is keeping you from being your best self, evolves around these four topics; Power, Passion, Courage and Focus. Over the years, I developed a successful method to make a change and each and every time, it proves to help my clients become their best version. As I can’t clone myself (think of it, how awesome would that be!), I decided to create this book so everyone around the globe can benefit from it, as I strongly believe happy people create happy lives and happy people around them. And that’s what I want for you too!

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