On 7 April, I attended a fashion show by Dutch fashion designer Mart Visser. I have always been a huge fan of his work, as he knows how to dress curvy women. And as I’m not exactly the Claudia Schiffer type of woman, it’s not always easy to find lovely clothes that fit perfectly, look good and make you feel great.

I hate shopping (I really do)

Yes, it’s confession time: I hate shopping. Whenever I enter a shop, I get so incredibly overwhelmed with all kinds of clothes and designs, let alone all combinations you might create with them. My brain just can’t handle that – and I end up buying a few single items that don’t really match. I would love to have a personal shopper – someone who knows my size and style and just makes sure that I have great clothes in my closet. I’m not that much of a fashionista, by the way. I’m totally comfy in jeans, but sometimes, I just want to look and feel great in the clothes I’m wearing.

Loving what you do is contagious

And that’s why I love Mart Visser’s designs. He creates affordable fashion for women, from size 34 to size 48. During his fashion show, he explained how he does it. It’s not that tough to create fashion for regular sized women – I mean, some of them even look good in a garbage bag, right? But it gets a lot harder when you have to create fashion for women who are sized or shaped differently. And that’s why Mart Visser loves what he does. He did a tour around the Netherlands, to meet his clients in person and to be with them as they tried on his designs. He watched, observed, listened and improved his designs.

Speak your mind, speak your WHY

His mission: ‘create beautiful and affordable fashion for women in sizes 34 to 48’ created a loyal tribe of women who love this man for doing what he does. I know I’m one of them. But this post is not about why I love Mart Visser’s designs. It’s about voicing your mission, your ‘why’, that makes people want to be connected to you. Again and again, I encounter beautiful examples of people who attract their tribe because they speak about their vision and mission passionately. It’s their big WHY that touches people and turns them into lifelong fans.

What’s your WHY?

How does that work for you? Do you know WHY you do what you do? And do you talk about this a lot? When I started talking about my WHY, people started connecting with me, people started to recommend me, even though they hadn’t worked with me personally. But apparently, my passionate WHY was compelling enough for them to recommend me to others.

I’m convinced that once you start talking about your vision and your mission (your WHY and what), you will attract the right kind of people you’d want to be with all the time. And of course, there will be people who won’t like you for your why – and who will say unpleasant things. Just smile and wave (from my favorite movie ‘Madegascar’). These people would never be a fan of yours anyway, and it’s better to have a close clan of 100 like-minded people than a group of 10,000 indifferent individuals who don’t really care about what you do and why you do it.

The clearer you are on your WHY, the more like-minded people you will attract.

Your vibe attracts your tribe!