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How to get things truly done - PersonalEyes

For a long time, I struggled with focus. I had a PhD in Procrastination and a Masters degree in Browsing the web. Needless to say, that got me into trouble. I mean, seriously.

I didn’t send invoices when I should have (I didn’t invoice upfront, I know: stupid!), I didn’t follow-up on client requests (because I thought they would have lost interest) and I fled into all kinds of partnerships that never worked (because it felt so nice and secure to do things together). I never stepped up and took my own stage.

A few years ago, I found out this was all based on fear; am I good enough, do I know enough, is my English good enough, is my program good enough, etc. The truth is: you ARE enough. You can always be a guiding light for an audience who isn’t as far ahead as you are. And surely, there will always be people who are more experienced and skilled than you are. Learn from them, sharpen your saw (metaphorically speaking here!) and use your newly gained knowledge for your own audience.

3 steps to beat FEAR, to start your FOCUS and get things truly DONE


List all things that you need to do. Write them down on a good old piece of paper. Then pick 1 major task that really needs your attention and that you dread the most. Then do it NOW, before you start doing anything else. Switch off all distractions such as notifications, your phone, etc. for at least 20 minutes and work on this ONE task alone. If you’re not yet done after 20 minutes, take a 5-minute break (set the timer!) and work on it for another 20 minutes without distractions. You can do it! Make this ‘Eat the frog’ principle your daily routine and you’ll feel amazing every day.


Do you know Mel Robbins? If not, Google her book The 5 second rule. That will kick your butt to start taking action. For those who don’t know the 5 second rule: as soon as you have a thought about what you should be doing, your mind comes up with reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Seriously, that happens instantly.

Personal example: a few months ago, I thought: “I’d love to apply for a TEDx talk in Amsterdam”, and my mind went: ‘Yeah, but what if I get rejected?’, and ‘Perhaps I should wait a bit more until I have more experience?’, and ‘Really? I’m not a scientist or true expert in your field’. Immediately, I thought of Mel Robbins’ 5 second rule and I counted down ‘5-4-3-2-1’ and I clicked on the link to apply. Counting down from 5 to 1 activates your prefrontal cortex (the rational part of your brain) and it motivates you to take action.


Your mind plays a nifty game with you all the time. Your thoughts are not actually true. In fact, your mind magnifies fears and doubts, so they will stop you from doing what you’re made to do. Yes, you are here on this earth for a reason. That may sound a bit woo woo, but it’s true. I believe each and every one of us has a special and unique gift to bring to this world. And deep down, you know it. You have a lot of unused potential that is waiting for you to start activating it. Listen to that inner calling. Flick the f*ck it switch and start living your true potential.

You’re not alone. And if you feel like are, reach out and ask for help. Find me here and book a free discovery call: https://calendly.com/nicolinehuizinga. I’m happy to help you to switch that f*ck it switch.