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Empowered to thrive - PersonalEyes


Don’t buy another course or program – NOT EVEN MINE – until you read every word on this page. This could save you years of heartache and bucket loads of cash!

Are you …

Spending hours on the internet, downloading freebies, watching TED talks, waiting for the inspiration and drive to come?

Feeling really small when you compare yourself to others?

Feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed by everything you read on the web?

Encountering people who find it hard to grasp what your business is about?

Having an uneasy feeling that something needs to change in your business, but you’ve got no idea what?

I hear you. I’ve been there. Your brain works overtime during the night. During the day, hours pass by without you getting things done. You feel useless and only too often, you feel useless and uninspired. That feeling sucks, right?

I’m here to tell you that the world needs you and especially that unique talent you have! I know how to help you to relight that inner fire that moves you forward, that gives you confidence and power, that inner fire that makes you thrive!

Don’t you dream of …

  • Feeling confident and powerful when sharing your story at networking events?
  • Attracting the right clients who fully resonate with you and love everything you do?
  • Having the courage to do the things you’ve always dreamt of?
  • Experiencing that amazing feeling of flow?
  • Enjoying the spring in your step, just because you feel fulfilled?
  • Having a powerful business offering that lives and breathes every inch of YOU?
  • Be part of an amazing network where you can show your true self, including all flaws?

The two things you need as an entrepreneur are TALENT and FOCUS.

Are you ready to dive into yours?

Let’s bust some myths about a thriving business

MYTH #1: You Need to Act Like a I-Know-It-All-Business-Tycoon to Get People to Buy From You

Nope. That’s total BS, pardon my French. People buy from people and they want to see the real deal, not some make-believe fairy tale. People like to get to know, like and trust you as a person before they pull out their wallet. So instead of cultivating a non-sustainable faking-it-till-you-make-it attitude, I’ll help you with a shorter, lifelong sustainable and more effective way to get people to buy your product or service, your brilliant ideas and even you.

MYTH #2: Google Is The Answer To All Your Questions

I know you’ve been there. So have I. I tried to Google everything, ‘cause every business owner must be self-supporting, right? And then what happens: total overwhelm and apathy. Following gurus who promise a 6-figure turnover in 3 weeks, downloading endless freebies about branding, personal development, and participating in numerous challenges about thriving business. It never worked. Because all these gurus provide you with a one-size-fits-all method. And your business doesn’t need a standard method, your business needs the right structure and the right answers for the next step that YOU need to take. And that could be a totally different step than your next-door neighbor needs to take. Google has some of the answers, but I’ll guide you to filter the exact answers that YOU need.

MYTH #3: You need to work 80 hours a week in order to become successful

You’re afraid you need to be working evenings and weekends to make your business thrive. Nope. A thriving business doesn’t come to life by working harder, but by working smarter. You need focus. With a concrete plan, and with you feeling confident, taking the right steps at the right time. You don’t want to lose your family, your partner or your friends – the foundation of your life, because you’ll be working day and night, right? I’ll take you in a helicopter view mode and together we will define the best steps for you to take, balancing your work and private life.

Who am I? 

As a child, I was afraid people thought I was weird. So instead, I worked my butt off to fit in, to be nice and thoughtful. After years and years of trying to people please everyone, I decided that enough had been enough. There was no way I was going to be successful if I wouldn’t step up to my game.

At the time, I worked in the corporate world for an international training company. I did intensive Coach-the-Coach and Train-the-Trainer programs with world-class professionals and it resulted in starting my own business in 2010. Apart from that, I’m an addict to lifelong learning, so I’ve taken countless courses from Robin Sharma (Personal Mastery Academy), Marshall Rosenberg (Non Violent Communication), Bushra Azhar (The Persuasion Revolution), Marie Forleo (B-School) and Kyle Cease (Evolving Out Loud).

I read hundreds of books on personal development, authenticity, client psychology and entrepreneurship, from business experts like Robert Cialdini, Daniel Pink, Marshall Goldsmith, Eckhardt Tolle, Mike Robbins, Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton, Mark Manson and Brené Brown. By now, I know what it takes to work on your talents and fears, how to attract your ideal clients, I know how to use social media for your business, and I know what it takes to create an authentic business proposition.

I love working solopreneurs who are ready for a change, but don’t know how to start. People who are curious to learn new stuff, who love discovering new opportunities, who are a bit crazy now and again, but determined to make a huge difference in the world.

By now, I’ve helped numerous entrepreneurs with to become successful in their businesses by being visible, sharing their authentic stories and attracting their ideal clients so they can thrive!

Don’t take my word for it, just look at the testimonials below



"Nicoline is my structure queen. She provided focus and a clear message from my why. Today, I am not only the solo trumpet for the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, but a motivatonal speaker for corporates as well. Nicoline turned me into a brand!"

- Andre Heuvelman
Andre Heuvelman Music




"Nicoline builds strong content for you in a way that looks and feels good. We work together quite often and it really made the difference in national and international sales situations. I promise you: she is an expert!"

- Rob van Westing
Business Impact Training



"Nicoline certainly knows her stuff. She is a talented and passionate professional, with an amazing ability to teach you how to package and create authentic content marketing. I highly recommend her as an amazing professional to work with and a fun person to learn from."

- Abigail Barnes
Master Your Time




"Nicoline knows exactly how to highlight the core of your message and turns that into very professional business communication. Her accuracy, razor sharp vision, and skills with modern technology make her a very pleasant person to work with."

-Arja van der Valk
Agri Sales Academy




"I found Nicoline to be skilful and gifted in helping me to release the resistance of fear and lack of confidence that had been holding me back in my professional life for years. Now, my business is growing at a rapid rate. I couldn't be happier about the personal and professional growth and success I've experienced in only a few short months since working with Nicoline. Every time I finished a call with Nicoline, I felt inspired to take the next steps in my business. "

- Rachel Redmond
Ayurvedic Practitioner




"Nicoline scares the shit out of me. After only two or three questions she knows exactly who you are, what’s holding you back and what it is you need to thrive. She wants you to become the best version of yourself.  Nicoline is the one you need, she shows you how to really touch people’s hearts with your story. Not by adding tricks or emotional blabla, but by removing clutter and empowering you with self-confidence."

- Eva Smitt-Steltman
Writing Coach


When you shouldn’t be working with me

You want results – and turnover – fast
Learning takes time, especially learning new behavior. It took me quite a number of years to learn what I know today. I offer the best of these insights and tools in my coaching programs. And it depends greatly on how dedicated you are to the program and the changes you want to make. And the action you will be taking. I’m here to ignite the spark in you to make that turnover happen!
You’re not ready to dive deep
This coaching program is all about looking at the real you, including the talents, the beauty, your flaws and mistakes you made in life. If you feel like procrastinating or hiding, you’re not ready to do this program. I want you to join when you have the determination to be committed for 100%. Not for me, but for you. It’s gonna be tough sometimes, but I promise you: it’s worth your while. You’ll benefit for the rest of your life!

You know you suffer from childhood wounds that will unravel as soon as you start diving deep.

I’m not a psychologist, so if you need psychological support, please see your doctor. Dealing with your past enables great steps to thriving in life. As soon as you’re ready, you’re more than welcome to join this coaching program, or any other program I offer.

You think it’s too expensive
I don’t know how much money you have to spend. It’s your call. All I know is that I provide huge value for money with my knowledge, my skills and content. They will last for a lifetime. And because I want people to thrive as much as possible, I’m offering the Talent to Turnover program at such an affordable rate. And it’s included in the Coaching Programs. If you’re not satisfied after the program, I’ll refund your money.
You want a Tony Robbins or Gary Vee-like kick-in-the-butt every week
I’m not like those guys, as much as I appreciate what they do and how they do it. I’ll provide you with the tools and sparring to find the inspiration within YOU. That’s more sustainable than needing an external source for your weekly inspiration. I know you have an extraordinary talent that the world needs and together we will find a way that suits you.

100% satisfaction guarantee

I want you to try ​the Empowered To Thrive or Talent To Turnover Program at my risk. Because I know it works but you don’t …yet!

If you aren’t 100% satisfied, and I mean even 1% unhappy, I want you to immediately return it. I mean it, I don’t want your money.

I value our relationship and my reputation more than a few hundred bucks. So please, try Empowered To Thrive or Talent To Turnover for 14 days to be completely sure and be utterly satisfied, I won’t take anything less!

So go ahead, buy now – you have plenty of time to go through everything and decide if this is a right fit for you. But you’ll never know unless you take a chance and invest in yourself. Just sayin’.