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About me




I’m Nicoline Huizinga, Visibility Expert with a coaching twist (and a childhood obsession with twirling …)

When I worked for kick-ass international corporates, I learned ALL the tricks of the trade on visibility and coaching, from World Class trainers and coaches.

Now, I LOVE using all that expertise to help female solopreneurs who are READY to step out onto their stage – but don’t know how to start.

Courageous women who are curious to learn, and crave new opportunities – who are a tiny bit crazy, and determined to make their mark in the world.


I help women just like you excel in business by being visible – sharing your authentic expertise and attracting your ideal clients – so you can earn a shitload of money!

I want to live in a world where

  • Champagne breakfasts are served on a weekly basis
  • Everyone can be who (s)he is at heart
  • People do the jobs they love and come home to families that support them
  • Children are growing up surrounded by love, education and healthcare

TED talk at BIT University

Empowering you to thrive, that's why I'm here

Nicoline  builds strong content for you in a way that looks and feels good. We work together quite often and it really made the difference in national and international sales situations. I promise you: she is an expert!

Rob van Westing

Business Impact Training

Nicoline knows exactly how to highlight the core of your message and turns that into very professional business communication. Her accuracy, razor sharp vision, and skills with modern technology make her a very pleasant person to work with.

Arja van der Valk

Agri Sales Academy

Whatever you ask Nicoline to do, it’s never too much. She gets to tasks with a huge amount of enthusiasm, discipline and structure and always adds great value to the content!

Manon van den Berg

VDS Training Consultants

Each of us hides abilities that can help us to become truly successful. With her empathy, her demanding openness and curiosity for hidden details under the surface, Nicoline has the key to open the vaults in your subconscious mind.

Wolfgang Schuppert

Founder, Business Impact Training GmbH