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10 Questions for a more fulfilling life - PersonalEyes

Here are ten questions you can ask yourself every day to live a dramatically different and much more fulfilling life.

None of these questions matter unless you take the actions in the parenthesis. Actually do this and your life will change in many ways.

Questions to ask yourself:

1. What can I do that would take me beyond my old story?

(When you feel an answer, do it immediately.)

2. What can I let go of that is slowing down my momentum and enjoyment of life?

(Then let go of it. Forever).

3. What can I forgive? Maybe holding onto it is just keeping me angry?

(Then forgive it. For real.)

4. What would be amazing to do that I have never done before?

(Then actually do it.)

5. What can I give today?

(Then give it).

6. What about my emotions will I feel and accept today?

(Then actually sit with yourself for a while and be the love and patience your old story was trying to get from your parents.)

7. What does silence wanna tell me today?

(Then be silent and listen for a long time).

8. What can I appreciate?

(Then make a list of at least 50 things.)

9. What habit would I love to have for life?

(Then do it each day for at least 50 days in a row)

10. What is actually happening right now?

(Then pay attention to the blood pumping in your heart, your breathing, and where you are. Watch as your focus leaves the fears and regrets of the past and future. This makes room for real insights and more.)