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As a child, I was afraid people thought I was weird. So instead, I worked my butt off to fit in, to be nice and thoughtful. After years and years of trying to people please everyone, I decided that enough had been enough. There was no way I was going to be successful if I wouldn’t step up to my game.

That big turnaround started in 2012, when my brother-in-law lost his business due to the crisis. He was in serious debt, but wanted to solve it all by himself. Accepting help would mean losing face. So, he struggled on, all by himself, losing sleep, worrying, while working his hands to the bone to provide for my sister and their two sons. To make matters worse, he got diagnosed with cancer and even in between chemo’s, he still tried to work hard and pay off all his debts, but he never succeeded. In October 2014, he died. He was only 49.

Apart from the incredible grief that my sister had to deal with, she also had to work on that severe (6-figure) debt that my brother-in-law had left behind. I decided to jump in and wrote letters to all creditors, explaining this awful situation and asking them for a meeting. To my big surprise, 7 creditors waived off the debt. The other 11 accepted the settlement agreement that we had set up with a social worker. In 2017, my sister got a clean bill and now she can try to build a life for herself again, without any debts.

It was in 2014 that I vowed; no entrepreneur should feel this lonely and helpless ever again. I want to help solopreneurs who feel lost, overwhelmed and afraid, because I believe we all have a unique talent. But sometimes we need someone else to uncover that veil and kick our butts. Besides, the letters to the creditors had proved: once you share your authentic story, you show your vulnerability and you reach out for help, incredible magic happens!

So here we are today. I love working people who are ready for a change, but don’t know how to start. People who are curious to learn new stuff, who love discovering new opportunities, who are a bit crazy now and again, but determined to make a huge difference in the world.

By now, I have this amazing network that I’m incredibly proud of. Would you like to be a part of that? Then what are you waiting for? Send me an email or give me a call!

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Supporting your impact, that's why I'm here

Nicoline  builds strong content for you in a way that looks and feels good. We work together quite often and it really made the difference in national and international sales situations. I promise you: she is an expert!

Rob van Westing

Business Impact Training

Nicoline knows exactly how to highlight the core of your message and turns that into very professional business communication. Her accuracy, razor sharp vision, and skills with modern technology make her a very pleasant person to work with.

Arja van der Valk

Agri Sales Academy

Whatever you ask Nicoline to do, it’s never too much. She gets to tasks with a huge amount of enthusiasm, discipline and structure and always adds great value to the content!

Manon van den Berg

VDS Training Consultants

Each of us hides abilities that can help us to become truly successful. With her empathy, her demanding openness and curiosity for hidden details under the surface, Nicoline has the key to open the vaults in your subconscious mind.

Wolfgang Schuppert

Founder, Business Impact Training GmbH